Club Penguin members event sneak peek

As I am guessing the fire jitsu and the new volcano room will come out this Friday. Im guessing it by login screen.


This friday the new stage play is coming and also i think Fire Jitsu. If you look at Membership events you’ll see that a members only event is coming to Club Penguin island.


Sorry non members. , the volcano will be members only. Well let’s hope Club Penguin releases something for non’s too, right ?


Club Penguin Volcano room sneak peek

Recently Billybob posted a new sneak peek of Volcano room. It’s going to be a training place to become a fire ninja. I have some more theories which you can read them by clicking here. Anyway’s here’s the sneak peek Billybob has posted.


It looks like a battle arena. Can’t wait till it comes out. Billybob mentioned it should be available really soon. Let’s hope it arrives this friday and we could become fire ninjas!


Become a Penguin Help Moderator

Hello everyone, recently I kept getting asking some questions about Penguin Help. Most of them were can i help you to work or can i work at Penguin Help. The answer now – YES. You all are able to become Penguin Help moderators.

mod copy

What are benefits for being a Penguin Help moderator ?

  • You will be added to Marciux14 friend list on Club Penguin , and you won’t be deleted. ( Limited )
  • Marciux will follow you on twitter
  • You will be able to get Moderator of the month status
  • Your name will be on Penguin Help sidebar so you will get more known

How do i become moderator ?

  • You have to comment on this post telling why  would you like to be a moderator
  • You have to comment on new posts that they are coming everyday

Moderator rules

  • Moderator should write Penguin Help moderator when he is commenting on post
  • Mod never can advertise blog/site or any link
  • Mod should comment on new posts otherwise he probably will loose his position

Now if you want to become Penguin Help mod, comment on this post why you would like to be one. And keep commenting on the news posts, because the first set of mod’s will be chosed at November 13th. Who were most active and comment on new posts at Penguin Help will be chosed as a mod!

Click here for Penguin Help homepage.

Club Penguin Fire Jitsu sneak peak

WOW GUYS! I just woke up and checked my email. And guess what ? Billybob emailed me with a huge sneak peek and free membership code! The sneak peak is fire Jitsu game! The ninja journey is really heating up. Check out this sneak peak billybob gave to some club penguin bloggers. ( Video Below  is Rendered By Snowbossi )

Isn’t that cool? Check out new club penguin page by yourself..  Click here.

Also new room will be hidden in Volcano. It will be only for members.


Also i have one more theory. Look at this thing at the dojo.

unlock \

When a ninja penguin steps on fire sign it unlocks entrace to volcano , in the video. I think later there will be Snow And water Jitsu games. Sounds really cool! I can’t wait. 😉


Club Penguin Nov 09′ Clothing Catalog

Hey guys! The new catalog is here and there are quite a few hidden items, so lets get along with it! 😀 Here we go:

Nov09 Catalog Cover

First, click at the mouth of the white puffle for the Dizzy:

Nov09 Catalog Cheat 01

Then click on the faraway temple at the far right of the page for the Viking Helmet:

Nov09 Catalog Cheat 02

Click it 4 times and you will get the Blue Viking Helmet!

Nov09 Catalog Cheat 03

Then click on the tiny mushroom on the right of the big mushroom for the Black Cape:

Nov09 Catalog Cheat 04

Also, click the word ‘Work’ for the Black SuperHero Mask:

Nov09 Catalog Cheat 05

And lastly, click on the ‘N’ in ‘CLEARANCE’ for the Black BowTie:

Nov09 Catalog Cheat 06

This catalog was alright, it wasn’t a really long catalog and just a few new items. However, Club Penguin sure are bringing more and more old items again like usual. =/ What do you guys think??


Club Penguin’s Sled Pin!

Hey guys! Club Penguin new pin is out and it is a Sled Pin located at the Mountains!  Here’s how do you get the SandCastle pin.

1.Login In Club Penguin

2.Open up map

3. Go to Mountains

4.Pick up the pin

Sled Pin 01

Sled Pin 02

Hope that helps! 😛 Cya later! 😉